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    Choosing the best IPTV provider can be a daunting task. Limited independent information is available and many provider’s claims are not easily verified. We, therefore, decided to do the heavy lifting for you and compiled this review and comparison of the biggest players in the streaming market. Read our IPTV guide for more information on how to start streaming movies and televisions over the internet.

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    #1. Rapid IPTV – Best IPTV Provider for International Channels

    Rapid IPTV packs an impressive feature set. Their streaming quality is top notch and with over 4000 channels from virtually every country, all your streaming needs will be covered. The selection of Arabic and Indian channels is truly impressive. An Electronic Program Guide makes browsing this insane number of channels easier. This is definitely your best choice if you reside in Europe and are looking for an IPTV Service Provider with the broadest content as their servers are located there.

    Additionally, they also provide an impressive catalog of  VOD movies to choose from. This might not be the cheapest option out there, but at around 100 USD a year you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. In case you are not yet convinced, they do provide a free 24h trial to test out their service.

    Update: Rapid IPTV’s website is currently down. For the time being, opt for one of the other providers. We will update this article once Rapid is back up.

    Available on MAG 254, Roku TV, Kodi Box

    #2. ACE IPTV - Best IPTV Service Provider for English TV

    Looking for English channels at a very affordable price? ACE IPTV has you covered. Over 500 channels from the US, UK, and Canada are available for streaming from blazing fast servers. This includes an impressive selection of English and International sports channels, as well as PPV events. At just over 60 USD a year. And best of all, you can use multiple devices at the same time with one subscription (at a small extra charge)!

    ACE IPTV Streaming Packages

    ACE IPTV also shines when it comes to HD streaming with some of the highest bit rates out there. Additionally, you get access to VOD content (albeit not as impressive as other providers selection) and catch-up TV. This service is about as close to an expensive cable subscription as it gets.

    There are about a dozen different ways to use ACE IPTV. For example, they have their own Android App, you can use Kodi or even watch through your browser. Detailed instructions allow you to get started within minutes. And, if you ever run into any issues, their support is quick and very helpful.

    Available on MAG 254, Roku TV, Kodi Box

    #3. Magic IPTV – Reliable IPTV for International Channels

    Magic IPTV has been around forever. And this counts for a lot in the streaming world. The IPTV channel list is impressive. Over 3000 channels from more than 25 countries are at your disposal. Also, you get access to a bunch of VOD content in case you can’t find any decent program running live. However, with channels for Sports, Kids, News, Entertainment etc. you should not have any trouble to find something entertaining.

    magic iptv packages

    At over 150 USD a year this is definitely one of the pricier IPTV subscriptions but you do get a reliable service with lots of channels.

    Available on MAG 254, Roku TV, Kodi Box

    #4. FabIPTV - Cheap, Reliable and Versatile

    FabIPTV is a fairly new service that quickly gained traction in the IPTV market. And their reason for success if quite simple: Focusing on their customers and their viewing habits. Contrary to some other IPTV service providers, FabIPTV does not try to compete based on the total number of available channels or coverage of every international channel they can get their hands on. Instead, they provide around 350 channels, mostly English, at the best quality possible.


    This streaming server is not meant for an international audience or those that look for exotic programs. However, if you are happy with what the majority of English TV enthusiasts seek, FabIPTV will not disappoint. Also, at a small additional fee, you have the option to use your subscription on multiple devices. Add to that video-on-demand and it becomes apparent that you get a lot of content for 80 USD per year subscription.

    Lastly, the TV channels can be accessed from virtually any device, including through a web browser. This makes FabIPTV one of the most convenient and versatile streaming service.

    Available on MAG 254, Roku TV, Kodi Box

    #5 SP-Central - English-Only Channels for European Viewers

    High-quality English TV streaming for the old continent. SP-Central by far has the least amount of channels, around 180. With their servers located in the Netherlands, SP-Central is a great choice for European streamers. Especially if HD content is important as they provide very high-quality HD channels with some of the highest bit rates.

    sp central iptv packages

    However, given the limited channel selection and a price tag of 90 USD a year, we are not entirely sure whether SP-Central is worth the money.

    Available on MAG 254, Roku TV, Kodi Box

    #6 SmoothStreams - Best IPTV Service Provider for Sports Streaming

    If sports channels are what you are looking for, SmoothStreams has you covered. Whether you are looking to stream boxing, football, UFC or the NBA, you will find all you need here. At around 140 USD per year, SmoothStreams certainly isn’t the cheapest option out there. However, that hasn’t stopped this IPTV provider to become the most popular option for sports fans. Smooth video playback and great image quality make this the best IPTV provider for sports streaming.

    SmoothStreams is optimized for Kodi, providing a great add-on to integrate perfectly into your existing media player. Use your Android TV box, Roku, Amazon Fire TV or even Chromecast to watch all the games!

    Available on Roku TV, Kodi Box

    #7. IPGuys – Best User Feedback (via IPRocket)

    We probably didn’t do IPGuys justice with our overall rating. Arguably, this IPTV Service Provider should be ranked number one, certainly in terms of reliability and quality. IPGuys is one name that keeps coming up when asking for the best overall streaming provider. However, they offer fewer channels than our top ranked services (around 1000) and do not support multiple device registrations. Also, at 120 USD a year, it isn’t the cheapest option either. Regardless, if reliability and streaming quality are more important than thousands of channels, this is your best choice for streaming TV.

    However, IPGuys does not have a website and is not very accessible to its users. In fact, it is close to impossible to actually find an IPGuys subscription as resellers are not allowed to advertise their source. Luckily, we managed to track a reseller down: IPRocket. Click this link and choose package Apollo to enjoy one of the most reliable IPTV services available.

    Available on MAG 254, Kodi Box via STB Emulator

    #8 Ruya Provider – Solid All-Rounder with a Hefty Price Tag

    1000 channels for over 200 USD per year is Ruya’s offer. This seems steep, especially since their international selection is fairly limited. They do however offer VOD movies and VOD catch up and we have heard good things about their streaming quality. Also, their international sports selection is very solid.

    Available on MAG 254, Roku TV, Kodi Box


    All of the IPTV services we reviewed provided rock solid streaming performance and reliability. There are two main factors to consider when trying to figure out which one is best for you:

    • Content: Pick the service that provides what you are looking for. Are you primarily looking for live TV content? Is video-on-demand important to you? Ensure that all your favorite TV programs and sports are adequately covered.
    • Price: Once you narrowed down your list of potential services, decide how much you are willing to spend. Decide if the pricier providers have any additional content or benefit you might find interesting. Also, do make use of free trials when available.

    Setting up an IPTV service can be a bit of a hassle, and you might run into compatibility issues if you are not careful. We definitely recommend using a MAG 254 to connect to your streaming content to avoid any issues.

    There are also fully loaded Android TV boxes providing live TV and VOD if you would rather go for a plug-n-play solution. The SkyStream One (Reviewor Rveal Streaming Media Player (Review), for example, are powerful Android set-top boxes that stream TV out of the box, no configuration required. This might be a good alternative if you are not very tech-savvy. Also, you are paying a one-time fee when purchasing the box to use their streams, so you avoid paying subscription fees for many months.

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