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Top 3 Best Replacement Remotes for Nvidia Shield


The Nvidia Shield is one of the best TV set-top boxes out there for people looking for an entertainment and media platform. The Shield is specifically designed to deliver top-notch streaming for gaming, television, music and more. It’s the perfect set-up box for someone who can’t live without 4K HDR picture quality. As great as this TV box is, there is a way to further enhance your experience with Nvidia Shield: getting a new remote control.

Best Replacement Remote for Nvidia Shield

The Nvidia Shield is compatible with a wide range of remotes that have a variety of different functions. Below we have selected three of the absolute best remote controls for Nvidia Shield that will make your browsing and your streaming even more convenient than it already is.

#1. Nvidia Shield Remote

NVIDIA Shield Remote
  • Easy-to-use remote for NVIDIA Shield
  • Microphone for Google voice commands
  • Volume control and Bluetooth connectivity

Our first remote control is the standard Nvidia Shield Remote itself. This is the same remote control that is packaged with every Nvidia Shield TV box.

The standard remote made our list because it undeniably has a very unique design compared to other remote controls. To start off this remote only has a couple of buttons as it goes for a more minimalist approach. While most TV remotes have dozens of buttons, the Nvidia Shield Remote only has four. This makes it a fantastic choice for the TV viewer who only uses a small number of buttons.

NVIDIA Shield Remote

The Nvidia Shield Remote also comes with Bluetooth connectivity which is what allows it to connect to the Shield box itself. It even also has a built-in microphone which you can use for Google Voice commands. You don’t often see this level of technology inside a mere TV remote control now, do you?

Last but not least we really just enjoy the visual design of the Nvidia Shield Remote. It actually looks less like a TV remote and more like some of Nvidia’s other products like their lineup of GPU graphics cards. The same can be said about the Nvidia Shield box itself.

#2. WeChip G20 Remote Control

WeChip G20 Remote Control 2.4G Wireless Voice Control Sensing Air Remote Mouse for PC Android TV Box
  • Voice Control: Hold down the voice button, speak to the voice button, and then release the voice key, the remote will search for what you said.
  • Wireless: 2.4GHz wireless connection via a USB receiver, plug and play, you can snuggle on the sofa and enjoy long-range wireless control up to 4 meters / 13.2ft.
  • Built-in 6-axis Gyroscope: This air remote mouse can sense the change of the direction and speed so you can move directly in the air to control it.
  • Convenient to Use: 18 keys air remote mouse, easy to control volume, page up / down, Mouse left / right, etc. Just sit back on your couch and enjoy.
  • Applicable to: Smart TV, Android TV box, mini PC, HTPC. Supports System: Linux, Android 2.x, Android 4.x, Win 2000, Win vista, Win7 32, Win7 64, Win8 32, Win8 64, MAC OS X.

If you want something that is a lot more traditional then you’ll probably love the WeChip G20 remote. This remote control comes with 18 buttons instead of only four. As a result, it certainly looks more like your typical television remote control but there is a lot more under the surface that really makes the G20 shine.

For one thing, the WeChip G20 remote is not only compatible with Nvidia Shield but can actually be used with a very wide variety of other products. The G20 is compatible not only with TV boxes, Android projectors or Smart TVs but can also be used with tablets, phones, computers, and Raspberry Pi. You can get a lot of use out of this remote even if you only own two or three of these products.

WeChip G20 Remote Control 2.4G Wireless Voice Control Sensing Air Remote Mouse for PC Android TV Box

The WeChip G20 remote control also has a built-in microphone for voice control. This can be used with any application that supports it. There’s also a built-in gyroscope so that you can use motion sensor technology for more accurate inputs when pointing the remote.

The G20 remote also has a low battery indicator that flashes at the top of the remote. Yes, this remote will actually let you know when you are low on energy and need to change the batteries. The indicator blinks red when your remote is at 10% or less so you’ll always be wary of when you need to switch out the batteries.

#3. SZILBZ MX3 Pro Mini Keyboard

MX3 Pro Mini Keyboard Backlight Air Remote Mouse,Android TV Remote Control,IR Learning Mini Wireless Keyboard for Android TV Box.HTPC.IPTV.Pad.PS3/PS4
121 Reviews
MX3 Pro Mini Keyboard Backlight Air Remote Mouse,Android TV Remote Control,IR Learning Mini Wireless Keyboard for Android TV Box.HTPC.IPTV.Pad.PS3/PS4
  • Multifunctional Air Remote Mouse: 2.4G wireless Keyboard and mouse Combo, 6-Axis Somatosensory and Infrared remote control.
  • LED Backlit : Fly mouse ,QWERTY Mini Wireless Keyboard, With led backlight buttons, you can enjoy use in the dark night easily.
  • Plug and Play: With 3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor, it's more convenient to operate in horizontal and vertical mode for games and typing
  • Compatible Device: Android iOS Windows Linux Mac OS. Compatible with Google Android Smart TV/Box, IPTV, Networked set-top Box, Mini PC, HTPC, Windows ,MAC OS,PS3, Projector etc
  • IR learning:Can Learn Up To 5 Keys On Your TV IR remote,Much Easier For Your Android Smart Tv Box.

The final remote control on our list of the best replacement remotes for Nvidia Shield is the one that by far has the most amount of buttons – 83 to be exact! This is the SZILBZ MX3 Pro Mini Keyboard and it is one of the coolest remotes for the Nvidia Shield we’ve seen.

As the name implies, this is both a remote control and a keyboard. The front side of the MX3 has your standard remote control input layout. You have your power and volume buttons, rewind and fast forward, etc. On the backside of the remote is a QWERTY style keyboard. This mini keyboard is what makes this remote so fantastic.

MX3 Pro Mini Keyboard Backlight Air Remote Mouse,Android TV Remote Control,IR Learning Mini Wireless Keyboard for Android TV Box.HTPC.IPTV.Pad.PS3/PS4

Let’s say you’re browsing Youtube or Netflix and want to type in the name of a video or a show you want to watch. With a standard remote you have to manually slide over from letter to letter using the on-screen keyboard. With the MX3 Pro Mini Keyboard, you can just flip over the remote and type in your request just like you would with a keyboard for a desktop computer or a laptop. We can’t overstate just how convenient this feature is.

If you don’t mind a lot of buttons then this could be the perfect Nvidia Shield remote for you.

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